Friday, May 10, 2024

Comments on Mid-county Industrial Park - Planning Commission

On behalf of the Prince William Conservation Alliance,
I am writing to express my concerns regarding the Mid-County Industrial Park and the proposed rezoning of approximately 40.91 acres from A-1 Agricultural to M-2 Light Industrial, as well as the associated amendments to the proffers. This proposal is next to neighborhoods and across the street from Prince William Forest Park. While I understand the need for development and economic growth, I believe we can do so without sacrificing our environmental standards and the well-being of our communities in the process.

Protecting the Occoquan Reservoir - ORPA

The Occoquan Reservoir watershed, primarily (40%) within Prince William County, is crucial for the water quality of our drinking water. Land use decisions in the county significantly influence the health of the watershed and thus the reservoir.

While Fairfax County implemented protective measures, such as downzoning, to protect the reservoir, Prince William County adopted the Rural Crescent in 1998 to limit sewer access and curb development pressure. However, recent changes in the Comprehensive Plan have blurred the line between rural and development areas.

Prince William Conservation Alliance Hosts “People Who Make a Difference” Awards Ceremony

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